Anvi Mexicana story started in 1981 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. It’s now a world leading supplier, specialized in the manufacture of rubber and polyurethane parts. The company is recognized as a key player for a wide range of industrial application, from standard machinery spare parts manufacturing to customized development and manufacturing solutions.


Our mission: Achieve Operational Excellence, meeting customer requirements and Industry standards, while offering competitive solutions.


Our vision is to consolidate our positon as leading company in the market of rubber parts, coatings and steel work complying with Industry and Quality standards for both national and international markets


Our quality policy is to meet customer expectations through the respect and application of Industry International standards as the continuous improvement of our processes following ISO 9001:2015


Natural rubber / Butyl® / Chlorobutyl® / Ebonite / Hypalon® / Neoprene® / Nitrile® / Hydrogenated nitrile / Carboxylated nitrile / EPDM (Nordel®) / Polyurethane / Polyurethanes for high temperature / Silicone® / Fluorine Silicone / Viton®

We can also supply some of these raw material in food and pharmaceutical grade approved by F.D.A.

Our company can also work with some especial materials as:

  • PTFE
  • Nylon
  • Polyethylenes Nylon
  • Nylon with different loads
  • Polyethylenes
  • Bronze
  • PVC



Among our products and services are the manufacture of special rubber and polyurethane parts, roller coatings, extrusion of parts, coatings of metallic bodies (rubber lining) and manufacture of metallic equipment for the chemical, oil, electrical, mining, metal-mechanical industries , cement, maritime, automotive, food and construction, among others.

Manufacture of metal equipment (Steelwork)
Rubber lining (vulcanizing boilers)
Rubber and polyurethane parts
Spare parts for the mining industry
Wheel and Roller Coating
Maskings for masking
Custom rubber extrusion
Machined Pards / Precision CNC machining
Rubber injection


Our Engineering Department has a qualified team, able to develop reverse engineering, use problem solving tools, to find solutions to customer needs.




In our Laboratory we develop the compounds customized for each project, while verifying that for each of the formulas we measure the values as hardness, tension, elongation, abrasion, rheometry, set comprehension, viscosity, premature aging, immersion in water and oil.



Talk to us and a sales representative identified to contact you to schedule a visit.



San Luis Potosí:
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Ramos Arizpe, Coah:
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Aguascalientes, Ags:
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Toluca, Edo. de Mex:
+52 (722) 209 10 72

Cd. de Mex:
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Lázaro Cárdenas, Mich:
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Celaya, Qro.:
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Guadalajara, Jal.:
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