We manufacture any molded part, despite how complex the part could be , from very small size to large dimensions, with and without metal and textile insert such as: orings, vrings, qrings, "U", "R", "V", "C type seals "chevrons, pneumatic actuators, couplings, piston plungers, shock absorbers, bearings, suction cups, seats and diaphragms for all types of valves, elbows, dust covers, paint protectors, leak testers, cleaning pigs, marine fenders, bands of wear.

We produce spare parts many different industries including Mining, Automotive, Food, Textile, Tire, Oil, and Electricity among others. We also produce Gaskets for plate heat exchanger equipment and provide service for assembly and maintenance.

We have capability to design and produce our mold in house. We have produced more than 80,000 molds.